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Does Vaping Help Depression?

Vaping or using similar e-cigarette products only makes depression worse. Vaping can increase depression symptoms, which makes it more likely that someone will continue to vape. Learn more about the link between vaping and depression below. Vaping Can Worsen Depression Symptoms The idea that vaping can help depression is a dangerous myth. In fact, individuals…

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Health Risks of Vaping Other Drugs

There are significant health risks of vaping other drugs such as marijuana. Vaping these drugs poses a great risk of addiction and lung damage, particularly in teenagers. Parents should make sure to be aware of their children’s habits and to look for the warning signs of vaping. Why Vaping Other Drugs Is Dangerous The dangers…

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Vaping or Smoking May Increase Risk of Coronavirus Complications

Vaping and smoking may diminish lung function and make it harder for the body to fight off respiratory infections. That’s very dangerous today as the coronavirus attacks the lungs and can develop into pneumonia. Current vapers and smokers should follow current safety measures — and consider quitting — to stay safe. What Is the Link…

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Harvard Study: Nearly 50 Percent of JUULpods Contain Lung Toxin

A new study from Harvard University researchers revealed that some JUULpods contain the toxic substance glucan, which can lead to lung damage in cases of long-term exposure. This only adds to the ever-growing list of health risks of vaping — a list that includes permanent disability and death. New Harvard Study Highlights Dangers of Juuling…

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Teen Double Lung Transplant from Vaping Prompts School District Action

Daniel Ament breathes through a new pair of lungs these days — after vaping destroyed his old ones. As a result of link between vaping and respiratory health risks, he became the first person to receive a lung transplant. The surgery succeeded thanks to the skilled work of surgeons at Henry Ford Hospital, who made…

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