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a teen vaping

Does Vaping Help Depression?

Vaping or using similar e-cigarette products only makes depression worse. Vaping can increase depression symptoms, which makes it more likely that someone will continue to vape. Learn more about the link between vaping and depression below. Vaping Can Worsen Depression Symptoms The idea that vaping can help depression is a dangerous myth. In fact, individuals…

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two kids vaping

Health Risks of Vaping Other Drugs

There are significant health risks of vaping other drugs such as marijuana. Vaping these drugs poses a great risk of addiction and lung damage, particularly in teenagers. Parents should make sure to be aware of their children’s habits and to look for the warning signs of vaping. Why Vaping Other Drugs Is Dangerous The dangers…

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A mouth with smoke coming out of it

Vaping and Dental Implants: What Are the Dangers?

Vaping and dental implant failure are unfortunately linked. Your dentist will likely recommend that you stop vaping before and after receiving a dental implant. Learn more about the dangers of vaping and dental implants. Risks of Vaping and Dental Implants If you or a loved one is currently in need of a dental implant and…

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A young man wears a face mask

Vaping or Smoking May Increase Risk of Coronavirus Complications

Vaping and smoking may diminish lung function and make it harder for the body to fight off respiratory infections. That’s very dangerous today as the coronavirus attacks the lungs and can develop into pneumonia. Current vapers and smokers should follow current safety measures — and consider quitting — to stay safe. What Is the Link…

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gavel next to vaping device and accessories

Update on Vape Bans at Federal and State Levels

The health risks associated with vaping continue to come to light, further fueling a widespread call for banning e-cigarettes. While a federal ban doesn’t seem forthcoming, states have taken action on their own, ranging from raising age limits to filing lawsuits. Federal and State Governments Push for Vape Ban The use of electronic smoking devices,…

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