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a young man vapes

Harvard Study: Nearly 50 Percent of JUULpods Contain Lung Toxin

A new study from Harvard University researchers revealed that some JUULpods contain the toxic substance glucan, which can lead to lung damage in cases of long-term exposure. This only adds to the ever-growing list of health risks of vaping — a list that includes permanent disability and death. New Harvard Study Highlights Dangers of Juuling…

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a young man holds a vape

Teen Double Lung Transplant from Vaping Prompts School District Action

Daniel Ament breathes through a new pair of lungs these days — after vaping destroyed his old ones. As a result of link between vaping and respiratory health risks, he became the first person to receive a lung transplant. The surgery succeeded thanks to the skilled work of surgeons at Henry Ford Hospital, who made…

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